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Sophie Gauthier portrait

Hello there

My name is Sophie. I am a textile creator and upcycler from France.

Serious bio

Sophie Gauthier's studio

Cosmopolitan at heart, I am 48-year-old and have lived in North Africa, Switzerland, England and USA.

After attending the Beaux-Arts in Paris and graduating in from the Ecole des Gobelins, I have officiated as a textile designer, illustrator, graphic designer, art director, as well as a trainer in graphic arts at the IESA (Institut d'études supérieures des arts) and a local non-profit for kids.
Today, operating from Paris, I operate as a freelance textile designer.

Sophie Gauthier's bike on a long bivouac trip
Sophie Gauthier playing the Ukulele

Somewhat funny facts

I love tinkering with bits and bobs (my sister calls me "Mac Giver“), espacially when in collaboration with other people. 

I've been on bike/bivouac trips across France and Italy, where I had the honor of rescuing a field mouse stuck in a bottle (and did a bit of trail riding with Condors).

At the age of 14, I completely dismantled my bike to repaint it, but I couldn't reassemble it afterwards. Despite my best efforts, I'm still mediocre at mechanics, but I love the smell of grease, and tools in general.

When I'm not lost in my laboratory, I like to play the ukulele, spend time with my tribe and secretly rearrange people's apartments in my head.

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